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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 1, 2012 5:12am-6:00am PST

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>> brian: seems like a simple concept. if you don't do your job, you don't get paid. that hasn't been the case with the democratically controlled senate for the past 1,000 plus days. there have been no yearly budget passed at all in over 1,000 days. the senators are still collecting a paycheck. now one congressman is fed up with that. he's congressman bill johnson out of ohio, a republican who is taking some action. it's called the pass a budget now act. congressman, what's this about? >> brian, you just sort of said it right there. the senate has gone 1037 days without passing a budget. we passed a budget in the house. it's time for the senate to do its job. the american people have made it very, very clear that they want washington to live within its means. they support a balanced budget amendment. it's time to hold the senate accountable and if they don't do their job, they shouldn't get paid. >> brian: you did it in 2010 and
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2011, you have a budget going. so you're just saying to the senate, get your act together. but they seem to be deaf to all your pushes because they're not trying to pass the president's budget and they're not pushing theirs. >> yeah. they are absolutely dysfunctional in the senate, brian. we have sent them numerous bills, budgets, jobs bills, virtually everything that we have sent them to the senate sits languishing on harry reid's desk. it's irresponsible. >> brian: the budget act now you think it will go to committee and get voted on and you're optimistic and if nothing else, will get attention because in the senate, they won't pass an act that will take away their money. this system really gallons you, doesn't it? >> it does. it's particularly troublesome for our defense infrastructure. it's hard for the defense
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department to make decisions based on programs when they don't get a budget. the american people, brian, businesses and families all over the country, they have to live within their means. they have to pass a budget. why shouldn't washington have to do the same thing? >> brian: right. i don't have a good answer for that, but you are demanding an answer for that. congressman, you're relatively new to the process. you're taking action to fix it and that's pretty typical for your career. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me, brian. >> brian: 17 minutes after the hour. forget locking the borders and building a fence. our next guest says there is a way private companies can solve the illegal immigration problem and it won't cost taxpayers a dime. remember this? the $750,000 soccer field for gitmo prisoners so they can play. this morning there is a big update to this story.
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>> brian: the body of missing firefighter found yesterday in maine. the man accused of killing him, daniel porter, will be in court today. police believe he killed him after an argument over drugs. the united states beat italy 1-0 last night in a so-called friendly. it's nature first win over the
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italian squad in 11 games over 78 years. dempsey scored the goal in the 55th minute. he's the 4th american to score against italy. i'm a little torn 'cause i'm half italian. gretch? >> gretchen: all right. go to your irish side for that up with. imagine if americans found a way to protect the borders without costing taxpayers a dime and oh, by the way, creating jobs while doing it? sounds too good to be true, right? our next guest says it's possible with his five-step plan for immigration success. here to lay it out is the author of "press 2 for english," dr. rob. good to see you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: so let's start with the title. press 2 for english. what do you mean? >> what i mean is that if we don't continue thinking about immigration, if we don't start managing immigration, pretty soon we'll be pressing that button on our dials and have an option for a different language other than english. that's not good for immigrants
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and that's not good for the united states. >> gretchen: so of your five-point plan, the first point is establish english as the official language. there has been blowback about that, right? >> yes. but unfortunately, linguistic welfare is entrenched and it doesn't help immigrants. immigrants who know english have 32% higher wages and so we need to make english the official language. no more other languages on ballots. when we go to vote, we were voting in the united states. we're not vote noting in another country. >> gretchen: i know some border states would agree with get serious with existing laws. >> we've already had the law. in 1986, the bill was passed. unfortunately, the law enforcement side of it never kicked in. so companies such as chipotle get away with hiring illegal immigrants and not getting fined the way they should be fined. >> gretchen: five-year immigration moratorium. what is that? >> that basically means we need to first get a handle on our
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entire immigration system because gretchen, since 1986, 64 million people have been added to the united states population. let me repeat that. 64 million. that means the size of the country of france has been added to the united states. we need to manage our system better before we can talk about amnesty or other issues concerning immigration. >> gretchen: 4, reevaluation of family reunification policies. a lot of big words there, but essentially what does that mean? >> essentially with it means is if you come into the u.s. by law, you can bring in every single member of your extended family. that really doesn't allow for a comprehensive solution to this massive problem. but only attracts more people. >> gretchen: what you call for in the book is only to be able to bring in the immediate family member? >> yes, absolutely. we still need to be america. this is our tradition. but we need to manage it better because 64 million puts stress on our economy.
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>> gretchen: i want to make sure i get to number 5. promote sustainability and progress in neighboring nations. what you are proposing is that we would give not taxpayer money, but private sector money to immigrants to go back home and create business there? >> absolutely. i've spoken to many people from south america, especially mexico, el salvador, hon during remarks peru. they love their countries. they want to go back to their countries. they don't want a handout. we can provide that to them in the form of a start-up capital and if we decouple our trade from china. the only people that would be hurt is the communist regime of china. if we took $8 billion worth of toys, just toys, that we imported from china and put it into mexico or el salvador, that would be $8 billion worth of sustainability for mexicans to go back to voluntarily go back. >> brian: such interesting concepts. we've heard from a lot of the politicians right now differing version of their immigration
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policies. but you believe that nobody right now on the political scene is talking about what you're actually talking about in your book. >> unfortunately not. one side wants to do a naked pandering to particular ethnic groups. the other side wants to pander maybe to the chamber of commerce. if our politicians adopted what i've written in press 2 for english, we will have an economic revival and we will have done justice not just to american, but to immigrants because this is about bringing justice to both sides of the argument here. immigrants and for americans, both. >> gretchen: very fascinating book "press 2 for english." thanks for your time. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> gretchen: coming up, breaking news, new jobless numbers due out any moment. we'll bring them to you right away. eric polling coming by to react to that. here he is. and speak about employment, a solar company touted by president obama and backed by your tax dollars sending employees straight to the unemployment line once again. more on that. right back.
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>> steve: we've got a fox business alert for you right now. the labor department just released brand-new weekly jobless numbers. 351,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week.
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that's the same as 351,000 the week before. we're stuck there. that is the number economists were expecting. is that the number that eric bolling was expecting? he's live on the couch. >> it's a good number. let's call it what it is. it's 351. we spent the better part of four years above 400. some jobs are starting to be created at around 300,000. again, first-time unemployment claims. people who have never been in an unemployment office before, walk in and say, i need help. the number is very, very accurate. to continuing claims show how many people are actually on unemployment. that number is around 3 1/2 million to almost 4 million. it varies. >> steve: i heard a number on the radio yesterday that it could take three or four years, though, to get the unemployment rate at this rate, below 6%. >> below 6%. 'cause what's going on is -- >> steve: which is where we want to be. >> fully employed economy used to be 5%. george bush had below 5% for a good portion of his eight years
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in office. we've been above 8% for the full term of president obama. so we like to get it towards the 6 or 5. it's going to take a long time. by the way, the first friday of every month is normally when the unemployment number comes out, the big number. it will be delayed a week. so it will be a week. >> gretchen: why? >> we had a holiday in there. so they want to make sure they're as accurate as possible. remember, that's phone survey. it's a little -- it's a bigger target, so a little less accurate than the weekly unemployment. those are actual people walking in. >> brian: let's talk gas. you have a way to get gas and keep it under 5 and hopefully under 3. >> here is the thing, i'll bring the white board out, brian. there are a couple things we can do. it's a four-part plan. i will guarantee, i will guarantee a dollar lower on gasoline -- you're smiling. this is what obama needs to do. number one, we have to fix -- if you fix blending, require one gasoline blend in the whole
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country, that means we can bring gasoline from outside, standardized. >> gretchen: environmentalists am don't want to do that. >> too bad. this problem right here. the epa is the biggest drawback 'cause they want to put their fingerprint on every gallon of gasoline that goes across the country. one blend that. would start to do it. l we used to produce 10 million barrels of oil per day, crude oil. we're down to 5.65, .7 million a day. we can get this up. use a 10 million per barrel, per day goal as the judge. in other words, obama needs to lift the moratoriums in offshore drilling. we need to bring the excel pipeline in. that means we'll -- you get to 10 million, the price of crude will come down. alternate energy isn't solar analogy. it's natural gas. we have to really push -- >> steve: we got a lot of that and it works. >> we have the equivalent of saudi arabia in natural gas in this country alone. focused on natural gas instead of solar and algae. it's in here.
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i'm not going to open it. >> gretchen: come on! >> i'm going to give the obama administration -- i will come to dc, i'll sit down with your department of energy. you say there is no silver bullet. this is the one that would definitely drop gasoline prices. crude oil prices and gasoline beginning overnight. this is the answer. by the way, for the record, if you did it, you would win four more years. if we got gasoline down to 3 bucks, 2.50, he would win another term. >> steve: now, this offer is just for the white house? what about the republicans in congress? >> if president obama doesn't want to do it, then he will, 5, $6 a gallon this summer, he'll be voted out in november and the republican comes in, we can open that. >> brian: who will pay for your trip? >> i don't want anything. i want to sit down with the department of energy. you know why? he'll get four more years, but i'll get a dollar lower in gasoline prices means $130 billion to american
5:35 am
consumers. i'll be like a really great guy to a really lot of people. >> gretchen: you have to bring so much luggage for that meeting 'cause you'll have to bring your white board, your gas can, your gas pump. >> gretchen, that can be done on one piece of paper and i guarantee it does. it works. >> gretchen: you're not revealing it, right? >> steve: you dealt in energy -- >> you may say bolingen doesn't know about squat or politics, but one thing i do know, i know gasoline and oil pricing. that's where i come from. >> steve: you worked on wall street doing it for a very long time. >> we did it and i had an import-export business for gasoline as well. >> gretchen: we'll see you on "the five" later on. now senate democrats promising to block a vote today that would allow employers to opt out of president obama's controversial birth control policy. right now that provision requires all employers provide free coverage for contraceptive, even if they have moral objections against it. >> steve: bank of america at it again reportedly, planning to
5:36 am
hit its customers with new monthly fees on checking accounts. oh, oh didn't work so well last time. al "wall street journal" reports that unless the customers agree to bank on-line, buy more stuff or maintain certain balances, they'll have to pay monthly charges between 9 and 25 bucks. they faced backlash last year and forced to drop its plans for a $5 per month debit credit fee. >> brian: update to the 750,000-dollar soccer field being built for terror suspects at gitmo. because it's being paid for with tax dollars, two congressional offices and committees are investigating the controversial project. sources tell us that anything over $749,000 needs congressional approval. and the new field for gitmo inmates costs 744. we're told by the army's department of operations of maintenance that they indeed signed up for it. i'm not sure how much it costs to make a field. >> gretchen: he's into turf. >> brian: right.
5:37 am
he does print turf. >> gretchen: seems like it's pretty expensive for the way it looks right now. here we go again. another green energy company touted by president obama laying off more workers. here is what the president said about abound energy back in 2010. >> the second company is abound solar manufacturing, which will manufacture advanced solar panels at two new plants, creating more than 2,000 construction jobs and 1500 permanent jobs. a colorado plant is already underway. >> gretchen: guess what? this morning, that company laying off 180 of its workers. abound solar is backed as well by $400 million in federal loan guarantees. >> brian: by the way, my brother just wrote me about the soccer field. he says depending on tariffs and everything else, approximately $750,000 to put a turf field. that's just the foundation for the turf. >> gretchen: $750,000? >> steve: yeah. our high school did that. that's about the price that it cost them and one town over from why i live, they put it in and
5:38 am
had some other restrictions mandated, it was over a million dollars. >> brian: the problem is, for the prisoners, if it gets over 95 degrees, they might not let them play because it could be dangerous to your health. >> gretchen: what if it didn't have lights on it? >> brian: i don't think the lights factored into it. >> gretchen: there was a report they'll have lights on for nighttime soccer playing. >> brian: keep them out of trouble. >> steve: had they only located that to cuba. >> brian: it would have been a great idea, steve. >> gretchen: coming up, she spent five weeks in a coma and credits her faith with pulling her through. you're about to meet the incredible young woman who says she was transform for the better by a accident. >> steve: frank luntz may have discovered the secret to the perfect political ad. what politicians are now using to sway your vote? big-time, he'll spill the beans when we roll on live from new york [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery?
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>> steve: now an extreme weather alert. the death toll rising to a dozen overnight after a devastating storm system pounded the midwest and then moved toward the east. one of the tornadoes left six people dead in illinois. it tore through the small town of harrisburg. fox chicago meteorologist tammy suosa is there live with a look this morning. good morning to you, tammy. >> hey, good morning to you. this was the deadliest tornado in illinois since 2004 and behind me, you can see devastation. it was about a quarter mile wide when it ripped through this neighborhood. this is where the lives were lost here in harrisburg. it had about 180 to 200 mile-an-hour winds, that's what i was told by the national weather service survey team. you can see, trees that are snapped, homes that are gone. this house, completely blown off the foundation. what you see around me is what remains, all the rubble from this house. so everything these people own is gone.
5:43 am
just to show you how erratic this is, i think that this having been to a number of these sites was touch and go as violent as this ef-4 was, things like this, there is a box with shoes sitting in it untouched. so that's what we're seeing throughout the area. residents haven't come back yet, but a lot of emergency officials are still here. so from harrisburg, this is tammy souza, fox chicago news, back to you. >> steve: thanks very much. another day to pick up the pieces. brian, over to you and frank. >> brian: all right. thank you very much. with the election season in full swing, it's hard to miss the barrage of political ads hitting the air waves. which are resonating with americans and which are not and why? frank luntz joinses from washington. what do we like? what don't we like? >> let me sit the context 'cause i know you got a couple to show. first, is that there has got to be some statistic, some fact that is credible so we'll believe the ad. second, it can't just be intellectual. it's got to be emotional. you got to appeal our hearts rather than just our head. and third, when it's done, it's got to be memorable.
5:44 am
it needs an ask. it needs something, it needs to call to you do something for it to be effective. you've got three very effective ads. two against the president, one against the republicans. these are ads that work. >> brian: here is one for the president made in america. watch. >> made in america, for generations a michigan auto workers, it's more than a slogan. it's a way of life. when a million jobs were on the line, every republican candidate turned their back, even said let detroit go bankrupt. not him. now a retooled, restructured industry is back because of the great sacrifice of michigan workers. >> don't back against the american work approve this message. >> you notice that went up and down. they're trying to decide what the ad is about. when they talked about the grit and sacrifice. you don't hear that phrase that often of auto workers, that's
5:45 am
when both democrats and republicans said you know what? i agree with that. i respect them, i respect their effort and that's why you saw the lines go up. that was an effective ad. >> brian: my daughter's future by the rnc. listen. >> my daughter was born was the happiest day of my life. as she grows older, i want to make sure she has the same opportunity her parents had. with our national debt skyrocketing under president obama, i worry about what future she'll be able to afford. obama said he would cut the deficit in half, but he hasn't. president obama, you broke your promise. i'll never forget that. >> brian: tested in las vegas. how did it do? >> it did well. even democrats gave it right at the 50 park. the reason why it did well, it had a female voice so mom cost relate. it talked about the birth of a child, which is a great moment in everybody's life. and it connected the president to the failed policies or failed
5:46 am
promises of the debt and the deficit. brian, make no mistake, wasteful washington spending is going to be one of the lead issues because everyone, republicans and democrat, don't like it. >> brian: five years later by the rnc. >> every four years, both parties make similar promises, but too many times after an election is over and the confetti is swept away, all those promises fade from memory. and the lobbyistsists and specil interests move in and people turn away disappointed as before. left to struggle on their own. we know what fills the void, the senate, lobbyist, special interests who turned our government into a game only they can afford to play. they think they own this government, but we're here today to take it back. the time for that kind of politics is over! it is through! it's time to turn the page right here and right now!
5:47 am
today, together, we can finish the work that needs to be done. a new birth of freedom. thank you very much, everybody! let's get to work! >> brian: that was tested on the 23rd of february over in raleigh. how did it grade out? >> it graded very well because you saw the difference between what barak obama said and those headlines, which is what he has done, until it got to the issue of catholics. obama versus the catholics. at that moment, democrats, swing democrats thought it was too much. you don't want to bring religion into the campaign. it's a perfect example of a good ad that went just a little too far. >> brian: interesting. frank, a lot of people looking at the republican battle, and saying you're giving sound bites for great ads for the democrats and president obama down the line. are they, when they criticize each other? >> the answer is yes, they are. i'm sure that you're going to see some of these debate moments appear in ads over the next seven or eight months. in fact, on sunday night,
5:48 am
10:00 p.m., we've got some of the toughest ads that have been most effective and we've got representatives from the four candidates, two senators, five members of congress to talk about this presidential race. brian, you're dead on and sunday night, 10:00 o'clock, you'll see it exactly why some republicans want to end this campaign after super tuesday. >> brian: one way to do that perhaps if you're mitt romney and that's win ohio. we'll talk about that at a different time because super tuesday is six days away. frank luntz, always great. i'll see you -- i saw you last night and i'm seeing you again. quick turn around. good job. >> and you'll see me sunday night at 10:00 o'clock. >> brian: i promise. i'll watch. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. she spent five weeks in a coma and when she woke, all she could remember were bible verses. you're about to meet the incredible young woman who survived a traumatic accident and says her survival is all because of her faith. let's check in with martha mccallum who i've actually met in person and is delightful.
5:49 am
>> thank you, brian. i feel the same about you. good morning, everybody. coming up, a big vote in the senate this morning. the first in the heated battle between the church and the white house. as two more american nato soldiers are killed in afghanistan, the president says his apology to karzai helped, quote, calm things down. k.t. mcfarland says it's time to get out of afghanistan. brand-new poll numbers as well. bill and i join you right here at the top of the hour. we'll see you then t? check out the latest collection of snacks from lean cuisine. creamy spinach artichoke dip, crispy garlic chicken spring rolls. they're this season's must-have accessory. lean cuisine. be culinary chic.
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>> steve: you're about to hear an incredible story. back in 2006, the barrack family of virginia was involved in a terrible car accident when they were hit 80 miles per hour by a drunk driver. that's their mini van. whole family injured, including
5:53 am
15-year-old jennifer. the incident left her clinging to life and in a coma for five weeks. when she woke up, she couldn't remember anything. 2 plus 2, kind of. but she could remember bible songs and scriptures scripturess nodding yes, i remember that. five years later, jen is using her strength and her faith to inspire others. joining us right now, the author of "miracle for jen," linda barrack and her daughter, jennifer. jen barrack. good morning. >> good morning. >> thanks for having us. >> steve: linda, let me start with you. going back to 2006, this guy hits you 80 miles per hour, drunk driver. your family, you and your husband seriously injured. >> right. >> steve: jen was in a coma for a very long time. >> yes. it was devastating. all of a sudden we had been at a choir concert watching jen sing praises to the lord and she was glowing and we were so proud of our 15-year-old daughter and then the next thing i remember, i'm waking up and my face is just crushed up against a window
5:54 am
shield and it's just a miracle that jen lived through the night and she has permanent brain injury all through her brain. but she's doing things that doctors thought she would never be able to do. >> steve: i know it. it's miraculous. and in the beginning, they'd ask 2 plus 2, no idea. but there was a connection to -- i'll have you help me with this. there was connection to the scriptures and the bible songs. you were singing along and what did jen do? >> jennifer's body was thrashing back and forth uncontrollably and she would be moaning in pain and all of a sudden, she would start praying out loud and talking to the lord and her voice was clear and we could understand him and she was praising him and saying things she didn't know. she didn't know she was hurt and she was saying thank you for healing me and raising me up. she could sing all the songs on the wow worship cd. she knew all the bible verses, but didn't know what a shoe was. she didn't know she had a brother or 2 plus 2 was 4. >> steve: what's your memory of that time?
5:55 am
>> during this time the lord really outpoured his spirit on my life. i'm very thankful for that and how he just really gave may supernatural peace that i can't even really put into words. >> steve: but your memory was very clear when it came to bible passages and songs. >> yes. songs. she could sing all the songs and yet she couldn't -- she didn't know anything else. >> steve: despite what has happened to you, and this changed your family forever -- jen, you feel like god has got a plan for you and the future is very bright. >> yes. i'm very excited to see all that god has in store and he promised us he would be with us. >> steve: why did you put it to paper, your story? why did you write the book? >> it's healing to know that your pain has a purpose and we want to encourage and help others who are hurting. everyone is broken or hurting in some way. this book inspires men and women of all ages and if you read it,
5:56 am
you will experience god on a whole new level and that god is real and he still does miracles today and you can tap into his strength every day like jen does. >> steve: it is a wonderful story and it is available in stores and on a web site. >> >> steve: it's called "miracle for jen." just add a dot com and you got it. thank you very much for telling your story. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> steve: safe trip home. >> thanks. >> steve: we'll be right back [ male announcer ] have you heard? it's bring your happiness to work day. campbell's microwavable soups. in three minutes -- the deliciousness that brings a smile to any monday. campbell's -- it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> gretchen: tomorrow on our show, we have kristen chenowith. craig morgan, geraldo rivera, and chris wallace. >> brian: that's a lot. if you want to get us, we're on twitter


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